Tuition can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
Special Beginner’s Package!
A free uniform and no registration fee ($70 value) 
when you sign up for a three-month membership
(no other discounts apply)
FAQ: Why sign up for three months?
Answer: During that period of time, you will learn the fundamentals of tae kwon do more fully than just coming for a week or two. You will also be eligible to earn your first rank in this martial arts style.

3 Month Membership
   Unlimited Plan      $300.00 ($100/month)
    2 Classes/week      $270.00 ($90.00/month)
   1 Class/week      $225.00 ($75/month)
6 Month Membership

Unlimited Plan       $540.00 ($90/month)
2 Classes/week        $480.00 ($80/month)
1 Class/week        $420.00 ($70/month)

Monthly Membership

  Unlimited Plan      $110.00
    2 Classes/week       $100.00
1 Class/week       $80.00
Family Discounts
2 family members 10% discount
3 family members 15% discount
4 family members 20% discount
 5th family member free!
Other Fees
Registration:                $25.00
Uniform:                        $45.00
Test Fee:                       $40.00
Tiny Tiger’s Test Fee:    $25.00
Sliding Scale
(College Students and Low Income)
$15 discount per month
Tuition is due on the same date each month, or every 3 or 6 months, depending on payment plan.Makeup classes are available for classes missed due to holidays, snow days or sick days.  If you will be missing classes for more than 1 week for unlimited students, and inform me of the reason (vacation, illness, etc), I will move up your tuition due date.Students who attend once or twice per week and miss classes can take makeup classes.