Activities Description

Martial Arts
Campers will practice traditional Tae Kwon Do, a Korean Martial Art that has its roots in antiquity.
Martial Arts training inspires confidence.
In addition to actual Martial Arts techniques, we teach children how to resolve conflicts non-violently.  We also teach safety around strangers.
Campers will play Martial Arts games, have an opportunity to break a board, and participate in a tournament.
Tae Kwon Do is taught by Master Annie Schwarz, 4th Degree Black Belt, owner and head instructor at Amherst Martial Arts.
Horseback Riding
Each child will have his or her own horse for the week.  Campers have an opportunity to create a partnership with their horse and learn responsibility for a living creature.
Campers learn care of the horse including leading safely, grooming and feeding.
All riding lessons are taught by licensed instructors.  
Campers will have fun playing games on horseback, and will also learn safe mounting and dismounting, control, balance and form. The curriculum for more advanced participants includes jumping and trail riding.